Double yellow lines outside private houses causing concern to residents

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny TD has been contacted by a number of homeowners in the Castlebar area who have had double yellow lines painted on the road outside their houses within the past few months. It has become an inconvenience to some homeowners, in one particular case; an elderly person has had to pay two parking fines because the person who mows her lawn has to park outside her house.

Deputy Kenny said that their concern lies with the lack of consultation or awareness that double yellow lines were going to be placed outside their houses. It has made their lives much more difficult because of the added problems now caused by these parking restrictions. Cllr Brendan Henaghan has raised this matter with Castlebar Town Council and hopes the matter can be resolved.

“I have visited some of the affected areas and I feel that some of these restrictions are unnecessary considering the local traffic conditions and requirements of residents,” Dep Kenny said. “I hope this situation can be successfully resolved.”


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