Taking control of your future seminar

An interesting and informative evening is expected at The Days Hotel, Castlebar next Thursday evening (Oct 9 ). M&C Financial Services are holding a Seminar entitled Taking Control of Your Future. “With the recent downturn in the world economy, as well as the uncertainty in the stock markets and banking sectors, we feel that this is an excellent chance for people, to learn about how to make the most of the opportunities take are currently available to them. You can now take control of your investments, as well as your pension fund and see how to make your hard earned money work for you. Many pension funds are invested through banks and insurance companies, and the customer has little control over where and how their money is invested” said Tom Connolly, Director of M&C Financial Services.

“Small Self Administered Pensions (SSAP’s ) and Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP’s ), gives you the freedom to invest your pension moneys, wherever you choose (subject to Revenue approval ), giving you more control over your investments. Moneys can be invested in both local and foreign property, stocks and shares or through various different funds offered through insurance companies and banks. This gives the investor the chance to take control of their own investment portfolio, along with the help and expertise of our staff, here at M&C Financial Services.”

SSAP’s and SIPP’s are available to most individuals including sole traders, company directors and professionals and the good news is, that you can set this up with your current pension fund and without having to invest new moneys into this. If you wish to make a further investment, tax relief is available on this, subject to Revenue rules. You will also learn about how to invest in both local and foreign property and get tax relief on doing this. “Our sister company Premier Estates Maloney, have sourced properties in Berlin, Germany over the last number of years, that are an ideal investment for a SIPP or a SSAP’” says Pat Brady, financial expert with M&C. Michael Maloney of Premier Estates Maloney goes on to say, “Our German investment properties are ideal for both pensions and/or direct investment. The beauty of the German property market is that you are automatically gearing up your investment, when you purchase a share in one of the syndicated properties. This means that you have more money working for you and by investing in this type of syndicated property, you automatically move you from the slow lane (in an ordinary pension ) into the fast lane, of getting your pension working harder for you”. There will be number of guest speakers appearing on the evening to explain about the current position we find ourselves in as well as the future of the economy world-wide, and it promises to be a great evening. If you are interested in learning more about Taking Control of Your Future, please call the office at 094 902 7300 or visit www.mcfinance.ie M&C Financial Services-Securing Your Future.


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