Keeping and maintaining a healthy home

Hints and tips from Lorraine Hall of The Cleaning Corporation

“Cleanliness is next to godliness,” John Wesley declared back in the 18th century. That advice must have been taken to heart given the number of traditional tips on the subject. If a traditional remedy will work and it’s less severe on the environment, then we should try a traditional remedy first.

Remember always test on a hidden area first to check for damage, for safety wear rubber gloves when cleaning, always ventilate your home when you are cleaning by leaving a window open, never mix cleaning agents, and store out of reach of young children.

This week we’re continuing our look at store cupboard items:

Vinegar — this is one the most versatile home remedies. It’s ideal for removing greasy marks from windows. For general cleaning add one teaspoon to half a pint or 275ml of tepid water.

Linseed oil — this feeds and protects natural wood. Hardware stores should have it, it will rejuvenate and give a great warm look to natural wood, always follow the instructions

To help remove limescale from your kettle:

Vinegar is a traditional kitchen standby for dealing with limescale, fill the kettle with equal parts vinegar and water and bring to the boil. Switch off and leave overnight. Rinse thoroughly, fill with water boil, and empty again before using. There are also modern variants for removing limescale in your local hardware store.

For further advice on a healthy home contact Lorraine on 094 928 9000.



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