No more 'weighting' as Slimming World Groups return to normal

A weight has been lifted for slimmers in Mayo as the Slimming World consultants plan to move the meetings from ZOOM to face-to-face meetings in the various venues, almost as they were pre-pandemic.

The next date for restriction easing will be September 20 and the local Slimming World consultants are delighted to offer members who are fully vaccinated.

Members are so excited they can now stay to group. It’s the power of a Slimming World group – the sharing, the caring, the expertise that brings success.

Slimming World doesn’t just share a healthy eating plan, it tackles the psychology and helps members develop a healthier relationship with food.

Dr Jacquie Lavin, Head of Nutrition and Research at Slimming World, says: "The power of the group and the peer support members give one another is what sets Slimming World apart. Our members become part of a community, something special, which helps them to realise that they are not alone in the challenges they face."

Linda Gorham, who runs the groups in The Parish Centre, Castlebar and in the Broadhaven Hotel in Belmullet says “Members told me they’d really missed being together in-person – that feeling of community, swapping recipes and sharing ideas, and being there for each other through the highs and the lows of their journey. Plus, we know that there’s something powerful about stepping on the scales each week and having that regular check-in on your progress."

Michelle Corbett, who also runs a Group in Parish Centre Castlebar and in Westport Woods Hotel says “This past year and a half has been far from easy for all of us, with some people struggling more than others, but for lots of our members, all of the challenges and anxieties have actually made them more determined than ever to achieve their goals and improve their health. They’ve proved anyone wanting to lose weight and feel healthier – which research shows could protect against disease – doesn’t have to give up on their dreams! I can’t wait to see how much we can all lose by the end of 2021!"

Sheila McLoughlin, who runs the groups in McWilliam Park Hotel Claremorris, Clare Court in Ballyhaunis and in Swinford Golf Club says “I know it can be nerve-wracking to walk into a Slimming World group for the first time, especially at the moment, but I can assure anyone who’s worrying about their weight that there’s no judgment at Slimming World, just respect and care – and it’s absolutely safe. Every single person in the room understands exactly how it feels and everyone’s welcome at our group. As well as being able to share how we’re feeling, being able to share ideas about how to enjoy delicious food and feel fitter and healthier will make a real difference. Slimming World’s plan is about eating everyday foods and enjoying favourite meals."

Mandy Killoran, who runs the groups in Town Hall Centre, Ballina says: "If you’re worrying about your weight and feeling alone and desperate, don’t give up. She says: Don’t put it off. Our Slimming World groups are here and getting together every week. We’d love to be celebrating huge weight loss awards with you all, so if you’re thinking of joining, come and be part of that success – you’ll be welcomed by each and every one of us."

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