VISIA Skin Care Programme at Pauline Cawley Skin Clinic

It's never too late to start using the right products and treatments for your skin. In a quest for healthier skin and youthful appearance, understanding your skin's condition is the beginning of your journey.

VISIA Skin analysis is a popular skin analysis treatment that looks beneath your skin to reveal all defects that may be causing various skin irregularities, such as wrinkles, spots, fine lines and more.

The treatment uses a digital skin analysis called VISIA to reveal skin problems you already have or are about to develop. Through this process, all your skin imperfections are magnified and presented on screen, highlighting where to take action before things develop further or more seriously.

Have a focused regime prescribed for your skin's individual needs based on the results of your scan. Their therapists will scan your skin and provide an in-depth skin consultation. (Male or Female welcome ).

Pauline Cawley Skin Clinic uses the Advanced VISIA Scanner technology to measure: (1 ) Skin Pigmentation; (2 ) Pore Size; (3 ) Porphyrins (Bacteria ); (4 ) UV Spots; (5 ) Photo Damage (Sun Damage ); (6 ) Skin Texture and (7 ) Wrinkles.

The process helps identify if your skin has developed any of these problems or is prone to developing them in the near future. It allows you to take preventive measures or avail of the right treatment.

During the VISIA Skin Analysis you are also provided with a detailed comparison of your skin's characteristics compared to other women of your age and ethnicity.

This information enables the therapists to give a well- rounded analysis of your skin's current condition so that the right treatment process can be recommended. Clients should repeat the skin analysis six months later to track improvements.

The Skin Scan is on offer from August 16 to August 31 - while stocks last. You can redeem €40 booking fee against any two skin-care products to get the scan free. Receive a free full size Image Skin-Care Mask of choice while stocks last worth €50.


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