Dust on a bit of sunshine

With the Irish summer being a washout get that sunkissed look by brushing on a bit of sunshine this summer with the St Tropez Automatic Bronzing Shimmer Powder. Add a bronzed glow to the face, the décolleté, shoulders and body in any weather.

The shimmering powder has been designed to work with any skin tone and take you from day to evening parading a subtle sheen. With a click of a button the bronze-tinted powder is gently released into the brush for a quick sweep of subtle sheen to your chosen area and most importantly the shimmer brush fits neatly into bags for on-the-go bronzing.

Top tips for applying bronzing powder

Always brush on bronzing powder with a circular motion. For cheekbone shaping, start powder application on the cheek apple and brush back to meet the hairline (smile while applying, this brings out the cheek shape for easier application ).

For a defined chin shape, apply bronzing powder onto jaw line and brush down below chin. This effect defines the jawbone for a stronger facial profile.

For a stronger facial profile apply bronzing powder above eyebrow and gently brush outward on forehead onto temple area. Apply over both eyebrows. This effect provides contour for a stronger facial shape.

To thin the nose and make lips appear larger use the brush side to apply bronzer to each side of the nose and under the lower lip. This effect will thin the nose shape and make the lips appear larger.

St Tropez Bronzing Shimmer Powder costs €24.95 and is available from leading retailers and pharmacies nationwide.


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