Meet the Makers: Ourania Bridal

Fashion: Meet the Makers

This week the Mayo Advertiser got to know Thomas Heverin of Ourania Bridal.

What is your name and job?

Thomas Heverin and I am the owner and designer of Ourania Bridal.

How long have you been in the business?

Around 25 years.

What made you choose this field?

I always had an interest in fashion. My grandmother was a seamstress so it probably started there. In bridal I always felt the detail and intricate designs were something I was drawn to so I decided this was for me.

What advice would you give someone starting out in the designer business?

Anything new like a business takes time, so it helps to know about the specific business you want to get into first. It’s best to be prepared and have gotten some experience in the field prior.

Best part of the business?

Creating for the bride. When the dress comes together in the exact way they wanted and it’s ready to be collected, seeing the smile on their face makes it worthwhile.

What is your biggest ambition?

To produce and provide more variety in styles, fabrics and designs. To not simply have the looks seen in bridal magazines and to push the boundaries of wedding designs.

What are your biggest ambitions outside of the business?

To take experiences from travel, the cultures, celebrations etc and turn them into inspiration for more designs.

Finally, sum yourself up in four words or less.

Passionate, honest and dedicated.


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