How to lose weight and keep it off

by Michael McGuinness

The failure to lose weight is not due to lack of effort, it is simply due to an inability to sustain healthy eating over time.

People often feel frustrated and blame themselves for not succeeding, but the fact is that over 95% of dieters fail long-term. Overweight people are not to blame, the method they use is causing this failure.

Each year there is a growing number of diet books, programmes, slimming clubs, pills and potions, but the number of overweight people is still growing at an alarming rate. What does this tell us?

It tells us that over 95% of people are wasting their time and money with conventional dieting programmes because they don’t work.

People are eternally optimistic, each time they start a new diet, they believe that this time it will work. People start their new programme all enthusiastic, slavishly following the programme, eating the prescribed diet and walking or going to the gym. They start to lose weight, sometimes quite a lot, but then a moment comes when it all collapses and it is back to square one. Soon, all the weight is back on again and maybe some extra pounds for good measure. Why is weight management so difficult?

Mindset is the answer to that question. Mindset is like a flowing tide that creates the force that drives you in the direction governed by your deepest held beliefs, emotions and values. When you try to do the opposite, it is like swimming against the tide. You finally lose your energy, interest and enthusiasm and the tide sweeps you back to the real way you feel deep down.

Willpower is the conscious decision to do the opposite to the real way you feel. This is why dieting has such a failure rate long-term, as this type of dieting depends on conscious willpower. This never lasts, you just feel deprived of the food you should be eating and the emotional support that food gives, you then start back on a destructive cycle of unhealthy eating as nothing has changed the ingrained pattern at a subconscious level.

An excellent weight management programme is essentially an excellent mind management programme that helps you change your thinking and manage your emotions without resorting to food. Overweight people can tell you what they should eat to be a healthy weight, the problem is that they cannot follow the plan long-term.

Back in the nineties I began study into the thought processes of slim people regarding food. I looked at questions such as: how they dealt with uncomfortable feelings without resorting to food, how they stayed motivated and how they could think of junk food without uncontrolled craving. I discovered that all slim people had a certain approach to nutrition and displayed a similar psychological thought pattern that resulted in success. I modelled this pattern into a weight management programme which I called HypnoSlim. This programme has helped thousands of people down the years to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

The programme looks at the correct approach to diet that doesn't involve counting calories, restrictive dieting, excessive exercise nor a sense of deprivation and it helps you create the mindset for success. It is a two session programme over two weeks. For further information contact Mayo Hypnosis Clinic, telephone 094 9060226 or0861612301 or log onto


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