Crohn’s disease sufferer praises herbal medicine

Mary was at a time in her life where her health had completely failed.

She had trained as a professional in the medical field, but prescription medicine was not helping her. She was utterly alone and terrified at the age of 42.

Every week she picked up the Galway Advertiser and read medical herbalist Patrick Murphy’s article. The articles were logical to Mary and made sense, so she contacted Patrick and immediately felt reassured.

In their first meeting, Mary decided that she was not going to tell Patrick about her many diagnosis. She gave him her long list of symptoms and he took a detailed history from her. Mary was shocked when he correctly labelled all her illnesses.

There was no miracle cure for Mary. Patrick gave her herbs, which she took precisely as he instructed. He also gave her dietary advice and lifestyle suggestions. When Mary did meet Patrick first, she was very ill and knew there was a long road to recovery. She had not worked in a year, was in daily pain, experienced profound exhaustion and was unable to leave her home due to Crohn’s disease. Mary’s hair was falling out at a alarming rate and she had almost given up hope. Now she is on the road to recovery, is back at work and her hair is regrowing.

Mary’s Chrohn’s disease is almost in remission. She is enjoying the best health she has experienced in 14 years. There were times in her journey where her symptoms got more severe due to her body healing. It was vital for Mary during this time to keep taking the herbs and nutritional supplements that Patrick gave her. She thought at times that the herbs were not working, but it was the opposite. The illness was leaving her body.

Patrick met with Mary regularly and was always on the other end of the phone to give her advice and make sure that she was sticking to the plan. Some 18 months later, Mary has had no surgery, nor has she taken prescription medication. She says this is due to Patrick’s herbal medicine and guidance.

If you would like to find out more about herbal medicine, contact Patrick Murphy on (093 ) 27033, email [email protected] or visit


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