Support your immune system with Zell Oxygen Immunokomplex

Zell Oxygen Immunokomplex is a natural product with a balanced immune active complex, with several decades of proven efficacy in supporting the immune system.

It is a powerful immune boosting formula designed to help to speed up recovery time. It contains a high proportion of Beta Glucans, enzymes, co enzymes, 16 amino acids, phytochemicals, selenium, zinc, and vitamin D3, combined with a high amount of oxygen.

Zell Oxygen Immunokomplex is recommended for those whose body defences have been weakened by physical or emotional stress, such as recurrent infections or chronic diseases. It is also recommended for people who are simply feeling burnt out. It is also recommended for colds, flu, swine flu, allergies, hepatitis, Lyme Disease, asthma, ear infections, colitis and Crohn’s Disease, or any other auto-immune disorder.

Zell Oxygen Immunokomplex is also designed to protect against free radical damage and to cope with inflammatory reactions. It is, therefore, ideal for athletes during intense training.

Free radicals are permanently produced in our body as natural by-products of metabolism. They live in constant balance with natural regulating detoxification mechanisms. Environmental stress, but also some medicines, excessive exercise, injuries and inflammation, can lead to an uncontrolled overproduction of free radicals, which are highly reactive impairing the body’s natural self-regulation.

When the balance of free radicals exceeds endogenous detoxification, this is called ‘oxidative stress’. We need to neutralise these free radicals to keep healthy by increasing our anti-oxidant levels. In food, our antioxidants come from non-chemically sprayed vegetables and fruits; in other words, organic produce.

Zell Oxygen Immunokomplex by Dr Wolz contains a high level of antioxidants or ‘free-radical scavengers’. This is measured in ORAC value (oxygen radical absorbance capacity ). Basically, the higher the value the greater the effect on these unwanted free radicals. Per 30ml serving of Immunokomplex the ORAC value is 5,520. It comes in a 250ml bottle and is best mixed with apple or other fruit juice.

For further information contact Susan in Au Naturel, Irishtown, Athlone on (090 ) 6487993.


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