Osteoporosis: a simple test could let you know

Osteoporosis Ireland will hold a clinic in Action Physio, Unit 5, Blyry Business Park, Athlone, on Thursday, October 5.

Osteoporosis Clinic Ireland has been developed to assist people with or predisposed to bone health issues.

Susan Boland, nutritional therapist, and Karen Byrne, registered general nurse, are bringing the clinic around the country to facilitate their clients.

They work with a local physiotherapist in each area and, where possible, follow-up consultations will be with the same physiotherapist.

A programme of recommended visits includes an initial consultation with follow ups at three months, six months, 12 months, and 18 months, followed by a two yearly DXA scan. Telephone consultations are also available to review and update each person’s nutritional status.

At the first appointment, which lasts approximately an hour and a half, you will see Susan, who will tailor a nutritional protocol to your specific needs for your bone health, general health, and gut health. She will recommend any supplements you may require. A copy of your nutritional protocol will be given to you on the day.

Karen will do an ultrasound bone density scan, which is carried out on the wrist and shin and gives an osteoporosis risk index. The result is given immediately and a copy is given to you. This scan is carried out six months later to monitor your progress with the programme between the patient’s two yearly DXA scans. Karen will also review the patients’ previous DXA scan and explain the results, if they have had one.

The physiotherapist will give each person exercises to help improve their bone density, balance, and posture. This is also done on a one-to-one basis according to each persons’ lifestyle and level of activity. Each person will get a copy of these exercises. Follow-up consultations are available at three to six monthly intervals as explained above, in each location countrywide.

The clinic will also visit: Waterford on Wednesday, September 20; KIldare on Thursday, September 21; Galway on Tuesday, September 26; Drogheda on Thursday, September 28; Cork on November 28; Dublin on Thursday, November 30; Port Laois on Thursday, December 5; and Dublin on Thursday, December 7.

Contact Susan on (086 ) 8580500 or Karen on (087 ) 2360877. Email [email protected] or visit www.osteoporosisclinicireland.com for more information.



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