Nutritionist Sinéad Bradbury teams up with SuperSubs

Did you ever wonder what the benefits of vine tomatoes were? Or how having a good night’s sleep helps your work life balance? What do magnesium and omega 3 do to help you with your daily routine, or what are the most natural ways of getting anti-oxidants or anti-inflammatories into your daily food intake? More importantly how can you get all these vital ingredients for a healthy lifestyle into a busy daily routine where food on the move is playing a bigger part in how we consume our meals throughout the day?

Is it possible to do so using a balanced mix of light subs, soups and salads? SuperSups has teamed up with nutritionist Sinéad Bradbury to provide a one-stop shop to answer these questions and more.

Over the coming weeks Sinéad Bradbury and SuperSubs will be providing video based content to help guide us through some of the key reasons why making the right decisions at mealtime can affect our health, fitness, concentration levels, and cognitive functions.

Sinead Bradbury is a qualified nutritional therapist with a special interest in optimising health. She has a particular interest in diet and lifestyle choices, and how an understanding of food and its impact on the body is the key to health and wellbeing. Through extensive clinical practice and workshops in the community and workplace she has developed programmes to educate and simplify what it means to take proper care of our bodies, so you can get on with living a healthy and productive life. She has worked extensively with sports and corporate organisations as well as schools, colleges, and media outlets.

We will get a sneak peek at some nutrition sessions with the Galway minor hurlers and footballers, as well as one to one sessions with busy moms to try and show how to best provide for your individual dietary needs to help get the best out of your mealtime.

Sinéad Bradbury will also be giving some of her top tips regarding the do’s and don’ts of healthy eating. She will explain all in the coming weeks.


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