Spruce up your table-top by adding a little colour

When it comes to tableware, we tend to opt for using crockery sets in the same style – that is how we buy them after all.

But while staying with one type of crockery will create uniformity, the look of your table-top can be much more creative.

To build a table setting that is relaxed, refined, but never run-of-the-mill, the experts at leading design house Neptune suggest taking a mix and match approach.

Much like the crisp white shirt is a fashion staple, the beauty of white crockery can be effortless. However, the addition of a little colour and texture can take it in a new direction.

Inspired by the classic afternoon tea party, Neptune’s delicate Winsford porcelain tableware in sage, for example, finds an unlikely yet wonderful partner when combined with the white rustic charm of their artisan-style Bowsley crockery.

If you used just Winsford, the table setting would appear more formal but by combining the different collections the tone is set for a relaxed occasion with a touch of refinement.

Crockery is affected by its surroundings, so the advice is to mix glossier plates and bowls with more textured serving ware and accessories.

On the subject of matt and gloss, Neptune’s Mayfield collection, with its pared-back look and shiny glazed finish, sets off perfectly against the earthenware charm of their Corinium jugs, bowls and serving platters.

Corinium with its crackle glaze and hand-painted markings that appeared distressed, adds a rustic feel to Mayfield’s high-gloss sophistication, muting the look and making the whole setting feel calm and composed.

If you are fortunate enough to have a dresser or open shelving then showing off your crockery styles and glassware can all become part of the display.

It can be best to keep like designs together to avoid too much of a mixture but it helps to consider having a shelf for dinnerware, one for bowls, one for glassware, and so on.

Using one style of crockery is still a look to love - it is familiar, consistent, and can work beautifully.

Mixing different collections and styles is just another way of doing things.

Depending on the mood, the occasion, and the guests, sometimes it is great to mix and match, while at other times it can be best to match and match.

Visit www.neptune.com for a list of stockists.


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