Tayto Park launches ‘World of Raptors’ open air arena attraction

TaytoPark has announced that it now has 20 rare birds of prey as part of their ‘World of Raptors’ exhibit at the park’s brand new open air seating arena.

Bigger, better, and a first of its kind in Ireland, the team at TaytoPark have invested more than €750,000 in a 450-seat open air arena, allowing visitors a very rare up-close and personal experience with these magnificent species.

Visitors to the ‘World of Raptors’ at TaytoPark will get the opportunity to see various species of eagles, owls, vultures, and falcons from all around the world take part in a free-flying demonstration at the park’s recently constructed open air seating arena.

Not only will visitors get to feel the whizz of wind as an eagle flies past, they will also see aerial displays featuring the world’s largest eagles and fastest birds of prey, as well as impressive vultures and iconic owls. Visitors to the ‘World of Raptors’ will also learn all about these majestic species with educational talks from the bird of prey team.

The Birds of Prey team said: “We’re very excited for the opening of World of Raptors. It’s been a very busy winter getting all the birds fit and ready for the display, so it’s great the time is finally here for the opening. Working with raptors is a very special job and we’re lucky to get to share our work with everyone that visits. We build strong relationships with the birds during training, so it’s amazing getting to see them grow and express natural behaviours just as they would do in the wild.”

For more information and opening hours visit www.taytopark.ie/theme-park/world-of-raptors


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