Add a touch of flair to your home with some wall art

Neptune’s Cranbrook shiplap boarding brings warmth and texture to a room

Neptune’s Cranbrook shiplap boarding brings warmth and texture to a room

When we think of wall art it tends to be prints, canvases, and hangings that come to mind.

But there are other ways of bringing creativity to our walls, as leading interior design house Neptune has been discovering.

While paint and wallpaper are perfectly lovely, tiles and wood panelling are the unsung options which, with a few deft touches, can become a form of wall art in themselves.

Balancing the practical with the pretty, beautifully designed and applied tiles and panelling can transform not just your walls but an entire room.

Tiles in the bathroom are an obvious place to start. Paint works in bathrooms too, but it is a trickier choice as water is not necessarily absorbed and it marks more easily.

When it comes to aesthetics you do not have to sacrifice beauty for the practicality of tiles, you can have both.

Floor to ceiling tiling can create a dramatic look for a feature wall, and if you choose where your bath or washstand is located, then you have practicality covered too. Another option is to tile two-thirds of your wall and paint the upper third.

A combination of Neptune’s Kennet marble tiles, which come in hexagon and brick shapes, and their Charcoal paint, can look particularly striking.

Tiles can be used to change the pace, intrigue and surprise. And while tile design is important, the way you apply them counts for a lot too.

For example, with Neptune’s Suffolk kitchen in charcoal, the dark cabinetry is set off by bright, glossy finished Elcot tiles which reflect light and provide a striking point of contrast.

The use of dark grouting is another bold touch that adds a grown-up take to this monochrome look.

Wood panelling is another wall-transforming option worth considering. A wonderful way to connect our homes to nature, Neptune’s Cranbrook shiplap boards can be used on walls and ceilings to add personality to a room.

Made from Norwegian spruce and sanded to be splinter free yet retain its character, Cranbrook makes you want to reach out and touch it as it brings warmth and texture to the home.

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