Wind down with the help of RESCUE Remedies

After a busy and demanding day it can prove difficult to switch off when you get home; you can often find yourself still mentally running through all the jobs that need to be done in the house.

Technology can also entice us towards an urge to feel permanently connected, from constantly checking emails and addressing work queries out of hours to updating our social media status.

As Neil Shah director of The Stress Management Society describes it, this leaves us ‘living in a state of constant alert’. Here are his six techniques to help you switch off in the evening.

Turn all forms of electrical stimulation off - ban TVs as mental stimulation will only fuel the analytical mind.

Phones and tablets should be charged and placed in another room outside the bedroom!

Be conscious of your breathing - slow it down and control deep, slow inhalations, hold for a second, then exhale slowly.

Avoid or cut down on stimulants such as tea or coffee especially in the evenings - swap them for a mug of warm milk or caffeine-free tea.

Try to squeeze in a couple of sessions of yoga every week to increase mind-body awareness.

Deep breathing, writing a journal, reading, listening to relaxing music or having a foot massage - the key is to find something that makes you feel relaxed then repeat it each night to help you release tension and fretful thoughts.

A recent survey conducted on users of the popular wellbeing brand, RESCUE Night® found that one in three users is most likely to reach for the product on Monday evening.

RESCUE Night is a combination of the famous five RESCUE® essences (Bach™ Original Flower Essences Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Clematis ) and the Bach Original Flower Essence White Chestnut.

RESCUE Remedies are available in health stores and pharmacies nationwide.



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