Team M&S velvety houmous with summery salads

If you still feel that houmous is a bit exotic for our cool summers, then think again!

This summer M&S have introduce a deliciously smooth and silky ‘velvet’ houmous, inspired by the food team’s research trip to Israel.

There it is not only used as a dip or spread but enjoyed as a dish itself. This led to the development of two new houmous meals – one topped with spiced lamb shawarma and a veggie option with roasted aubergines and chickpeas. Simply heat the topping in the microwave and spoon onto the super smooth houmous for a delicious dish, perfect for sharing.

Barbara Ross, M&S developer, says: “Whether it’s for dipping, spreading, dunking or eating straight from the spoon, everyone loves houmous - so much so it’s become a fridge staple. In the Middle East it’s enjoyed as a main dish, usually for breakfast or brunch with a warm topping. We loved this concept so have created two dishes of our own. The lamb shawarma meal is my absolute favourite and a must-try for any houmous lover!”

The flavours of the Eastern Med have inspired a range of moreish salads and veggie sides packed with grains and spices. New potatoes are combined with red onion, rocket and poppy sees, or why not try grains, cous cous, roasted aubergine and mint?

Melissa Ward, product development manager at M&S comments: “The product development team have travelled all over the Mediterranean to discover the iconic dishes and flavours of this area. We tasted hundreds of food and drinks before we developed our range. Whenever we create new products we take inspiration from all these tastings to create something really special.”

A full range of summer foods are available in Marks & Spencer, Athlone Towncentre.


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