George Foreman Grills at Heavins Athlone

We are all trying to be healthier but still want tasty food, quickly.

Fat reduction is at the core of the George Foreman brand and independent tests have shown that the George Foreman Grills remove up to 42 per cent of fat from food without compromising on flavour.

The patented angled grill channels fat and grease away from foods. No matter how many people you are cooking for, George Foreman has you covered.

The Compact 2 Portion Grill, on sale for €24.99, will become your favourite kitchen gadget. Its compact size and stylish design makes this an item you do not mind having out on display. The Compact Grill has a cleverly designed floating hinge which accommodates extra thick cuts – great for toasting sandwiches, paninis, or more generous portions.

The George Foreman 5 Portion Family Grill, from €59.99, is perfect for families and multiple servings, being able to fit five chicken breasts on the grill at one time. There is no need to add butter or oil to the George Foreman grill plates as they are non-stick, allowing you to be that little bit healthier. The non-stick coating makes the grill easier to clean.

George Foreman Grills cook from the top and bottom plates at the same time, making cooking up to three times faster and more energy efficient than conventional methods.

The George Foreman 10 Portion Grill & Griddle, €89.99, is a great gadget for the home. With its sleek design, the electric grill is a stylish addition to any kitchen worktop. The dual independent temperature controls mean you can grill and griddle simultaneously and with a four-portion grill and a six-portion griddle in one. It is great for entertaining large groups of friends and family.

George Foreman Grills are available from Heavins Expert Hardware, located at Shannon Retail Park, Dublin Road, Athlone. For more information call (090 ) 6472772 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter.


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