More than half of mothers are working during maternity leave

SMA Nutrition Ireland research has revealed that more than half of working mothers (52 per cent ) have been involved in work-related activities in some capacity during their maternity leave.

This includes checking their work email (24 per cent ), going into the office for work (11 per cent ) and taking calls from colleagues (31 per cent ). Before telling their employer about their pregnancy, 46 per cent of mums felt nervous, anxious or concerned.

SMA Nutrition is announcing this research to highlight the everyday balancing act today’s mums play in both their work and home lives. The research also revealed that organising childcare (81 per cent ), ensuring they spend enough time with their baby (87 per cent ) and planning for their baby’s future nutritional needs (57 per cent ) are all key considerations for new mums.

However, more than three quarters of mums felt they were not provided with adequate information about their baby’s protein and nutritional requirements.

Commenting on the research, Nuala Collins, dietician and general operations manager at SMA Nutrition, said: “Mums returning to work have a lot to take into consideration around their baby’s care, from weighing up childcare options to their baby’s future nutritional needs. It is noteworthy that the majority of mums believe they received inadequate information on their baby’s protein needs.

“While over half of mums learn about their baby’s nutritional needs from healthcare professionals, almost the same number of mums use the internet. For mums looking for good quality instant advice, the SMA Careline is free, available 24/7 and offers mums reliable information on their baby’s wellbeing, including their nutritional needs.”

Returning to work from maternity leave has a significant impact on the behaviours of working mums. Some 64 per cent of working mums believe motherhood has increased their time management efficiency, with 36 per cent saying they find it easy to switch off from work when they return home. Of these mums, 45 per cent feel more confident after returning to work from maternity leave.


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