Discover the many benefits of Tai Chi today

Tai Chi, known in China as "Taijiquan", is a martial art created more than 450 years ago, combining deep breathing, Wushu movements, and exercises to increase and balance Qi (energy ) flow.

As with acupuncture, the idea is to balance yin and yang, unblocking the Qi (energy ) so it flows with the blood, improving mental and physical health. Movements are performed slowly and the mind calms down through the concentration on this new way of moving the body. This calm, slow, concentrated way of moving both energises and relaxes the body, greatly reducing stress.

One's balance, core strength and internal organ functioning all improve. A broad range of society practises Tai Chi, more than 300 million people, with different interests in the areas of mental health, meditation, martial arts, improving efficiency of movement for things like sports and dancing, recovering from illness and injuries, stress reduction, improved health and quality of life.

Keith Ryan, teacher at Tullamore/Athlone Tai Chi School, will do a free talk and demonstration on Tuesday, May 2 at 7pm in Tullamore Rugby Club. Beginners classes start on Tuesday, May 9 from 6.30pm at Tullamore Rugby Club. All are welcome.

For more information call Keith on (087 ) 2172084, email [email protected], or see


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