Stricter bail terms for repeat serious offenders will reduce crime - Moran

Longford-Westmeath Independent Alliance Deputy, Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran, says the introduction of new stricter bail terms for repeat serious offenders will help cut crime – especially in rural areas.

The new legislation that will be introduced will provide stricter bail terms for repeat serious offenders, a strengthening of Garda powers to deal with breaches of bail, an increase in the use of curfews, and the introduction of electronic tagging for those on bail where requested by Gardaí.

Deputy Moran says that up to now criminals have been winning the battle against crime and this has to stop: “Serial offenders should not be given the privilege of bail, and a toughening up of the bail laws was something that we sought under the Programme for Partnership Government,” he said.

“Tackling repeat offenders, who are responsible for disproportionate amounts of crime, is fundamental to reducing crime and reassuring communities and victims that crimes against them will be prosecuted with appropriate sanctions applied.”

Deputy Moran added that he is particularly happy to see electronic tagging being brought in for some people on bail. Under the new laws, a court will be able to make electronic monitoring a condition of bail if the prosecution applies for it.

“This is something that will certainly reduce the risk of re-offending,” Deputy Moran said. “We have seen for far too long professional criminal gangs travelling to rural areas and committing crimes. On many occasions, these criminals are already out on bail on a previous charge. If they were being electronically monitored it would stop them targeting rural communities.”



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