O’Brien welcomes road pavement works in Mount Temple estate

Local Independent councillor Michael O’Brien has welcomed new road pavement works at Mount Temple village estate. Earlier this year over €30,000 in funding was allocated for the completion and taking-in-charge of the Mount Temple housing estate under a national initiative for residential estates.

“This estate was built back in the early 2000s, but at the time the developer was unable to complete this development in terms of road pavement, road markings, signage, etc. This funding enables the council to complete outstanding works required within the development together with the outstanding taking-in-charge documentation,” said Cllr O’Brien.

“The completion and taking-in-charge of housing estates is something I’ve been working very hard on, so this work means that the estate is one step closer to being taken in charge by the council. All that remains to be done now is road markings and a few other smaller items. Once this work is completed this estate will be recommended to the council to be taken in charge.”



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