Better hearing, much better prices at Blackberry Hearing

Audiologist Rita Foley

Audiologist Rita Foley

John Ryan and Dave Gleeson founded Blackberry Hearing last year to address the shockingly high cost of hearing aids. Providing quality hearing solutions at about 40 per cent of the price of other retailers has meant that hundreds of people, who may otherwise have been unable to afford hearing aids, have had their lives changed for the better.

Prior to entering the market, Blackberry Hearing’s market research validated that there was significant consumer dissatisfaction with pricing and after-care service. So, the focus for the company has been on providing quality, affordability, price transparency, and simplicity but ultimately ensuring the customer gets the best possible solution for their individual needs. To achieve this the company has instilled an ethos where no stone is left unturned to ensure total customer satisfaction. Employing only BSc qualified audiologists ensures that the customer receives the best possible consultation and thereafter the best possible solution.

Price transparency has been a cornerstone of the Blackberry Hearing philosophy. Blackberry Hearing ensures that anyone attending one of their free hearing consultations is aware beforehand of the cost of hearing aids for them, should they want to proceed. This then is backed up by a 45-day cooling off period, where a customer has the assurance they can return the hearing aids for a full refund should they not be fully satisfied.

The ultimate measure of a company’s success in providing customer care must come from the customers themselves. Blackberry Hearing has expanded rapidly and now holds over 60 fortnightly clinics. The feedback from both clinic partners and customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Research shows that people with hearing loss retreat from social interaction with family, friends, and colleagues with drastic results on their mental wellbeing. Changing peoples’ lives for the better at an affordable price is a really good feeling,” says John.

Rita Foley, audiologist with Blackberry Hearing, adds: “As an audiologist, it is my aim to provide the best possible service I can in terms of both the clinical assessment and vitally the care the customer receives. One reason I am delighted to work for Blackberry Hearing is because they tick all the key boxes. With its affordable prices and customer care philosophy, I can offer a very reliable and good customer care service, ensuring that each customer remains very happy with both their hearing aids and their new hearing experience.”

Locally you can book a free hearing test and full consultation at McGorisk’s Pharmacy, Clonbrusk, Athlone on (090 ) 6470001 or Dolan’s Medical Hall, Main Street, Moate on (090 ) 6481115. Or you can simply call Blackberry Hearing directly at (01 ) 6978470.


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