Change the way you listen with Blackberry hearing

Creators of Blackberry hearing, John Ryan and Dave Gleeson.

Creators of Blackberry hearing, John Ryan and Dave Gleeson.

In 2015 with long and diverse business careers behind them, John Ryan and Dave Gleeson started to research why people with hearing loss had been slow to use modern hearing aid technology.

Their research into this question led to their company, Blackberry Hearing. Customers had found hearing aids to be expensive and thought of them as an indication of aging.

Dave and John also discovered that prices were shockingly high in this field and there was a lack of knowledge with high quality and sufficient hearing aids amongst users.

Another aspect they discovered in their research was that many people were not aware of how discreet and effective modern hearing aids have become, and how the right aid can make things a lot easier.

In response Blackberry Hearing set out to provide good quality hearing aids in a reasonable price range with the priority being the customer’s satisfaction with the product.

A big focus is also customer care for the company as they wish to provide the best solution for all those suffering from hearing loss and enquiring about hearing aids.

Over three years later Blackberry Hearing continued to grow because it delivers on its promise - life changing technology, at great prices, to assist people to hear fully and to participate in everyday life.

Hundreds of validated customer testimonials are left on Facebook alone which tells John and Dave they are achieving their goals.


The company now holds nearly 70 clinics across the country. If you or a loved one are affected by hearing loss call us on 01 6978470 for a chat, to find out about price. grant or to book a Free consultation. There is no genuine reason to be left out of life’s conversations and sounds anymore!


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