Microchipping – help your dog find its way home

It is challenging to keep track of animals when outdoors and even a slight lapse in concentration can cause us to lose sight of our beloved pets. However, all of this can be avoided by getting your pet chipped and registered.

Microchipping is a hassle-free procedure of implanting an electronic chip on your pet. The chip contains a unique 15 digit number that can be read through radio frequency by an electronic scanner. These scanners are available at almost every vet clinic, from local authorities, or even some animal welfare groups. The important part is to register your authentic and up-to-date details in the database alongside your pet’s chip number. In the event that your pet goes missing it can be scanned and tracked easily.

Chipping can be done at your local vet clinic by a veterinary surgeon or even a trained veterinary nurse. It is a painless procedure of simply injecting a sterile needle without anesthesia under the skin of your pet. The chip does not hurt an animal physically as it is biocompatible. It usually lasts for the rest of an animal’s life.

It has already been declared a legal requirement in Ireland for all dogs to be microchipped from March 31. Failure to do so can result in a €5,000 fine. Throughout the month of May, Athlone Animal Welfare is running a microchipping campaign to remind everyone of the law and encouraging every dog owner to register before it is too late.

To be in with a chance of getting your dog microchipped for free, email or text the following details to Athlone Animal Welfare: name, address, name of dog and the following code - AAWAA. There are five chances to win. Winners will be drawn on Tuesday, May 31.


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