Senator McFadden welcomes new partnership Government

Fine Gael and Westmeath Senator, Gabrielle McFadden, has said that the partnership Government now in place will work for all the people of Westmeath to make their lives better and build a fairer Ireland.

Senator McFadden said she was proud to be in attendance last Friday to witness the historic re-election of a Fine Gael Taoiseach for the first time. “I am full of admiration for Enda Kenny today,” she said. “He has shown real leadership over the last few weeks, stepping up to the mark to ensure this country has a Government.

“This new partnership Government for a fairer Ireland is unlike any other since the foundation of the State, comprising Fine Gael, members of the Independent Alliance, a rural group of independent TDs, and a number of other Independent TDs working together. I am committed to working with the new Government to build a fairer Ireland and to improve the lives of all those in Westmeath.”

Senator McFadden said that the new political arrangement proves her part listened to what the people of Ireland called for: “Fine Gael has listened carefully to what the people said at the election,” she said. “The Programme for Government, which has now been agreed upon, reflects that. It will create a fairer Ireland from a strong economy and will address the key issues people in Westmeath have raised about housing and homelessness, health, jobs, and better public services.

“The Programme for Government has clear and measurable targets, including meeting the target of building 25,000 new homes needed every year by 2020, creating 200,000 jobs by 2020 including 135,000 outside Dublin, and increasing Garda numbers to 15,000. This new partnership Government wants to ensure that everyone in Westmeath is given the opportunity to succeed, nobody is left behind, and the best life opportunities are possible for all our people.”

The Senator urged those in opposition to work with Fine Gael and Enda Kenny and not to oppose for their own gain: “This new Government, working in close partnership with the Oireachtas and others outside of the Oireachtas, will invite the opposition to come with us. I urge them not to oppose for the sake of party-political gain; not to protest for the sake of protest. We will work with all those who share our ambition to change Westmeath and Ireland for the better,” she said.



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