Swing by Roscommon Arts Centre for a gem of a play!

Arthur Riordan and Gene Rooney in Swing

Arthur Riordan and Gene Rooney in Swing

One of the stand-out performances in Roscommon Arts Centre of 2014 is returning this March! Swing is back on Wednesday, March 30. It’s one of those ‘feel-good’ kind of shows. This comedy follows the blossoming relationship between May and Joe as they fumble through romantic dilemmas, career problems, life choices, and dance steps!

Joe (Arthur Riordan ) used to run the family printing business over the road from the dance studio and would watch the couples twirling on the floor. But changing technologies and recession have outrun him, the business closed, he got divorced, and now he’s trying to find a new life... training in horticulture and learning to lindy hop!

May (Gene Rooney ) is a graphic designer who might have been an artist, but didn’t rate herself highly enough and has now settled into a comfortable but unexciting relationship with a boyfriend who is away for work.

Swing takes place on the dance floor, and with the frequent refrain of “change partners”, the two actors not only portray Joe and May cautiously edging their way towards each other, but also niftily evoke the other members of the dance class - from the warring teachers to the divas and drama queens!

Since it was last in Roscommon, Swing has become an international hit, playing in New York, Paris, Edinburgh, and New Zealand and the arts centre are delighted to bring it back to Roscommon.

As part of the evening, dancer Catherine Donnelly will host a pre-show swing dance class for any ‘Joe and Mays’ out there looking to try to swing! Just book your ticket for the play and sign up for the free dance class. Pre-booking is essential and spaces are limited, so early booking is advisable.

So put Wednesday, March 30 in your diary for what will be a great, fun night out at Roscommon Arts Centre. Booking now on (090 ) 6625824 or www.roscommonartscentre.ie


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