AIT graduate develops new app

Brothers David and Kieran Donnellan have spent the last 12 months developing a new space-themed gaming app.

Kieran Donnellan, a software engineer and director of a tech start-up that he co-founded since graduating from AIT, and brother David Donnellan, have spent the last 12 months of their spare time developing their first gaming app for ios. They have done this using Unity3D game engine, all without any funding except what they have put in themselves.

The app called ‘PLAYNETS: Survival smash up’ is a space-themed game described as a whack-a-mole meets tower defence hybrid, while still teaching people about space, a popular theme in the media at the moment, all in an entertaining way. The aim of this game is to pick your favourite from five characters and take them on a journey across the galaxy while protecting them from the evil gangs of space-invaders and taking PLAYNET quizzes on the way.

The free PLAYNETS app was released on January 21. The app was made by small Irish independent game studio DAKIO, dedicated to making innovative multimedia applications. Based in Co Clare, it was founded by David and Kieran Donnellan. PLAYNETS featured in the TechRadar’s list of 50 best Iphone games this year and the app also made it on to their 100 best ios games ever, even beating other mainstream game developers.

PLAYNETS reached number six in the country’s top action games in just its first few opening days. The PLAYNETS app features 100 per cent original code, music, and artwork and there are no other existing sci-fi games resembling PLAYNETS. The gaming app has already been downloaded in over 50 countries. The PLAYNETS app can be downloaded for free on any ios device from the Apple app store.


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