ANU Community Healthcare Ireland

Anu is a company promoting the development of a new healthcare approach in Ireland, with an emphasis on positive health and wellbeing.

The company uses an approach that gives equal emphasis to prevention and treatment. ANU uses integrative medicine based on the ancient proven native Irish and Ayurveda medical systems, the practice of mindfulness and meditation, and the best of contemporary western medicine. 

ANU passionately believes in the innate wisdom of the person to achieve optimum levels of health, given the right conditions. The company provides people with proven knowledge, support and guidance to make healthy lifestyle choices in the areas of nutrition, medical care, physical health, and balanced emotional wellbeing. 

Anu wants to build sustainable, healthier communities. The company is currently offering  evidence-based education and training courses and workshops which incorporate all of the above principles, and are delivered by Anu personnel who have worked in healthcare for many years.

Courses on offer include: Seven proven elements to living a healthy balanced life; positive ageing; mindfulness-based stress reduction; a new approach to pain management; and stress management. Courses and workshops are suitable for individuals, healthcare professionals, private corporations, and community organisations.

The open information evenings and courses are especially for people who are concerned about their health/wellness and want to learn more about managing, improving, and maintaining their own health and wellness.

Contact [email protected] or call Patricia on (086 ) 7776481 for further information.


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