Dean Crowe host new art exhibition

Rosemarie Langtry is a contemporary visual artist based in Ballinahown who works from her studio in Abbey Road Artist Studios, Athlone.

This week sees the opening of Rosemarie’s exhibition Captured in the Dean Crowe Theatre. The exhibition will coincide with the RTÉ All Ireland Drama Festival.

Captured explores the atmosphere of local landscapes and incorporates beauty, history, and the myths surrounding the Irish boglands. The paintings encapsulate bog flora which are preserved in the wax medium known as encaustic. A combination of beeswax, pigment, and resin is fused layer upon layer. The ancient medium of encaustic was used thousands of years ago in Egypt. For the artist, encaustic provides freedom with its flow, texture and translucency. Langtry’s work is an intuitive engagement with materials and it is made with speed and spontaneity allowing the momentum to guide it. The encaustic technique is engaging, versatile, and yet challenging to the artist.

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