Irish have a ‘love/hate’ relationship with their skin

Vivienne Connolly

Vivienne Connolly

New research from the Thérapie Clinic - #LoveIrishSkin - shows most Irish (61 per cent ) feel far less attractive than people from other countries, because of our Irish skin tone. One in 10 of us even hate our skin entirely.

Half of Irish people describe their own skin as pale and the majority (70 per cent ) believe they also have a ‘pink twinge’ to their skin. Over a fifth (22 per cent ) of us believe people with a tan or darker skin tones look so much better and we can’t compete.

Commenting on the research results, Thérapie Clinic ambassador and actress, Vivienne Connolly, said: “This research shows that, across the country, we are experiencing, and perhaps perpetuating, negative perceptions about our skin. Imagine the difference a nationwide confidence boost could make. Thérapie Clinic has been helping Irish people to stop masking and start enhancing their natural skin for 14 years, and have experience of boosting confidence every day. Now they’re on a mission to challenge negative perceptions about Irish skin and encourage everyone to embrace what they love about their skin.”

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