Local children and pensioners to get free GP care this summer

Approximately 6,400 children aged five and under in Longford-Westmeath will be entitled to access free GP care from the end of June, it has been confirmed today.

Local people aged over 70 who still pay to visit their GP will also now be entitled to the free service.

It comes on foot of major news this week that agreement on free GP services has finally been reached between the Department of Health, the HSE, and the IMO.

Labour TD for Longford-Westmeath, Willie Penrose, welcomed news of the agreement, saying: “This is a major step forward that will deliver huge savings for local families and pensioners, and help promote health and well-being throughout the county.

“The announcement means that approximately 6,400 children across Longford and Westmeath aged five and under will now be entitled to free GP care from the summer. This figure includes those who already have medical cards.

“Local people aged over 70 who currently still have to pay to see their GP will also now be able to access the free service. Confirmation that an agreement has been reached by all sides is a major breakthrough which will make a massive difference to the lives of the youngest and the oldest in our local community. We expect the service to begin from the end of June.

“Making healthcare more affordable has long been an objective of the Labour Party in Government, and underlines out commitment to enhancing primary care.”


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