Trap, neuter, and release information evening

Athlone Animal Welfare have teamed up with Animal Advocacy Ireland to offer a free information evening on trap, neuter, and release (TNR ) programmes for feral and stray cat populations in Athlone. Muriel Lumb of Animal Advocacy, will deliver a talk providing information on TNR Schemes on April 20 at 8pm in the Shamrock Lodge Hotel.

This information evening would be very helpful to local vets who may be participating in local TNR programmes; to other local animal welfare groups, residents associations, and local businesses with existing feral and stray cat populations.

TNR involves the cats being trapped using a humane trap, brought to a vet where they are spayed/neutered, health checked and treated for parasites such as fleas, lice, worms, and ear mites. Also while the cats are under anaesthetic, the tip of one ear is removed as a universal sign to identify them as being neutered. After a recovery period of 24-36 hours, the cats are returned to their location to continue to live and be fed by caring individuals. The number of cats in an area is controlled and contained and over time declines naturally.

TNR is considered the best way for pet owners and animal lovers to address the plight of feral cats by taking personal responsibility and a proactive approach to neutering, advocate the TNR programme and stop the tide of overpopulation in its tracks.

AAW have worked with other local animal welfare groups in the past to assist with TNR schemes helping to neuter a total of 73 cats in 2013. While this may not sound like many, it will have a high impact as a couple of unneutered cats and all their offspring can produce almost 12 million cats in nine years! They also run discount schemes with local vets for Spay Week on an annual basis to encourage pet owners to neuter and spay their pets; and provide assistance to the public with the costs of the procedure when funding permits.

All are welcome to attend.

For more information call the AAW on (085 ) 1657200 or email [email protected].


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