Naughten to hold Hodson Bay information evening

Are you losing out? Are you paying too much? Deputy Denis Naughten is holding an information evening in the Hodson Bay Hotel this Thursday March 19 to help people find out how they can save money on the cost of insurance, telephone, electricity, and even food.

The information evening is part of Deputy Naughten’s ‘Money Matters’ campaign to help put money back in people’s pockets.

According to Deputy Naughten, each year the Revenue takes over €500 million more than it is entitled to from the country’s taxpayers, and the responsibility lies with individuals to reclaim the overpaid taxes. On average taxpayers could be entitled to as much as €500 in overpaid taxes.

Members of the public are invited to drop into this local information evening this Thursday March 19 any time from 9-10pm in the Hodson Bay Hotel.


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