Have you tried the 14-day teatox?

Weight loss and detox could not be any easier! A weight loss tea called Yo Chi is now available in Therapie Clinic Athlone. Yo Chi Tea originates from an ancient Chinese formula developed specifically to help with digestion. The blend contains lotus leaf, oolong green tea, and other ancient Chinese herbs, all of which have been specially selected because of their natural ability to purify and cleanse the body, and to essentially act as a aid in stopping the body from storing up food as excess weight, and burn excess fat which is stored in the body.

You could lose weight and feel great with a simple 14-day teatox. Manager of Therapie Clinic Athlone, Lisa Rohan said: “It’s flying off the shelves! The great thing about Yo Chi Tea is it’s 100 per cent natural, and has been proven to be effective in aiding weight loss and detox in a easy, safe way.”

Drinking just two cups of lotus leaf Yo Chi weight loss tea a day over a 14-day period can help to increase weight loss by up to 50 per cent. Enjoy Yo Chi Tea in the same way as any other cup of tea - except that you can also lose weight as you relax!

Yo Chi Tea is available from Therapie Clinic, Garden Vale, Athlone. To find out more or buy your supply simply call 1890 650 750.


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