Catrice Cosmetics - all eyes on you!

Catrice Cosmetics have an amazing range of products for your eyes, from palettes to eye colours, liquid metal to powder eyeshadows, waterproof, pencil, and coloured eyeliners and mascaras! Here are Catrice’s top five tips for your eyes.

1. Perfect starting point - Prime and Fine €3.99

Primer is the perfect starting point for your make-up, and your eyeshadow is no different! Prime and Fine eyeshadow base is a light texture in a nude shade that is easy to apply. Using primer on your eyelids enhances the colour intensity of the eyeshadow, which makes the colour pigments last longer and prevents them from settling in the crease of the eyelid.

2. Grab a palette - Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette €5.49

This palette has shades of subtle sand, delicate beige, and brown tones, half matt and half with a shimmer effect. It is perfect for creating natural-looking eye make-up and ideal for the smoky eye style.

3. Spring is in the air - Absolute Eye Colour €3.29

The Absolute Monos are fabulous in every way. Seasonally they take their colour inspiration from the catwalk and translate into new styles for your eyes, in matt, shimmering, pearl, or satin finishes. We love the bright My Mermint shade, the perfect pop of colour! Available in 26 stunning shades.

4. Think you’ve seen it all - Satin Cream to Powder Eyeshadow & Liner €4.49

With its brush applicator and texture combined, this new product can be used as eyeshadow or eyeliner. Applied in cream texture, when blended it changes and develops as a soft satin shimmer finish.

5. Classic smoky eye - Cake Eyeliner Wet & Dry €4.29

This deep-black powder eyeliner can be used in various ways. Applied wet the results are particularly intense, matt, and deep-black. Applied dry, it offers a more natural eye make-up look.


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