Councillors raise parking issues on east side of town

The council is to speak to the Gardaí regarding parking in the hard shoulder close to Kilmartin’s N6 roundabout and at the Clonbonny Road junction, after councillors raised concerns this week.

Cllr Aengus O’Rourke asked the council to take measures “to stop trucks and vans from using the hard shoulder as a parking facility every day and night”.

“There are two substantial tracts of hard shoulder, opposite Woodies and on the access road to the motorway, and commercial vehicles have been parking there long term for a number of years. In my view it is unsightly... they are getting an unfair advantage over businesses that pay rates and pay for parking,” he said.

Director of services Barry Kehoe said signs had been erected by the council a number of years ago in an attempt to curtail the problem.

Cllr John Dolan also asked the council to examine ways to prevent parking at the Clonbonny Road junction with the N6, where he said people were pulling in to look at cars on display in the nearby car showroom.

“It is obscuring the view for people exiting from Clonbonny, who are coming onto a road where the speed limit is 100kph. People are also getting out of their cars on the driver side... they need to find somewhere safer to park,” said Cllr Dolan.

Mr Kehoe and district engineer Pat Nally agreed to speak to local gardaí about enforcement in both areas.


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