Shearwater Hotel support My 1,000 Hours initiative

As part of the ongoing positive mental health campaign lauched by singer Bressie, the Shearwater Hotel, Ballinasloe will be hosting a talk and walk this Saturday February 7.

Starting at 7pm the event will begin with a short talk on positive mental health before a 45-minute walk, then back to the Shearwater for tea and coffee, music and chat.

The Shearwater is strongly behind the local community and is delighted to sponsor the My 1,000 Hours campaign. They hope to attract young and old alike to the event - please help older people in isolated areas to attend, tell all your schoolfriends and work colleagues and let’s start 2015 out with a positive mental attitude.

My 1,000 Hours concentrates on holistic fitness. So many of us put so much emphasis on physical fitness but seem to ignore the importance of our mental or emotional fitness. The evidence surrounding the correlation between positive mental and physical health has never been more profound yet there is so much misinformation that only serves to confuse and frustrate people.

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