Passionate about science? FameLab needs you!

Held annually in over 20 countries across the globe, FameLab is the world’s largest science communication competition. FameLab is coming to Ireland again in 2015, and for the very first time, a regional heat is being held in the Midlands.

The event is being managed in partnership between the British Council, Atlantic Corridor, and Athlone Institute of Technology.

With science becoming increasingly specialised, those working in the field can struggle to explain their projects to colleagues let alone the general public. The organisers of FameLab recognise this, and challenge up-and-coming scientists, engineers, and mathematicians to explain a complex idea in a straightforward and engaging way.

Armed only with their wits and a few props, the top newest voices from the world of science and engineering across the country will deliver short three-minute pieces on bizarre and pertinent science concepts - expect to hear anything from why men have nipples to how 3D glasses work, and whether nuclear energy is a good or bad thing. Presentations will then be judged according to FameLab’s ‘3 Cs’ - content, clarity, and charisma.

Director of the Midlands Science Festival, Jackie Gorman, said, “We are confident there are some really top science communicators out there in this region and now the search is on to find them. If you are currently working in science, technology, engineering, or maths and feel you can rise to the challenge of communicating a technical concept in an engaging manner to non-scientists in just three minutes, this just might be the competition for you. Just remember to talk about something that excites you.”

Over 5,000 participants have taken part across the globe so far. Contestants will have the chance to represent Ireland at the FameLab international finals at the Cheltenham Science Festival with representatives from organisations like NASA and CERN.

To enter the new Midlands regional heat, simply complete an application form, which can be downloaded from, and return it to [email protected] by February 2. Participants can alternatively submit their entry to FameLab Ireland by online video. See for further details


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