Healthier Vapour e-cigarettes open in Athlone

E-cigarettes from Irish company Healthier Vapour, now open in Athlone, are an alternative to traditional cigarettes and have several benefits over smoking.

Scent from cigarette smoke clings to everything it comes in contact with - hair, clothes, your car, furniture. To non-smokers, and especially ex-smokers, this smell is very noticeable. E-cigarettes do not have this ominous odour because instead of exhaling smoke, you’re exhaling a vapour that evaporates almost immediately.

Electronic smoking is much cheaper than traditional cigarettes. A pack-a-day smoker can spend upwards of €300 each month. With starter packs of e-cigarettes from only €19.99 and juices €4.99, the expense is very little.

Traditional cigarettes pose serious fire hazards. With e-cigarettes, you’re not burning an open flame and don’t have a hot cherry that can burn you, your clothes, or your furniture.

Traditional cigarettes contain a catalogue of chemicals, many of which are considered carcinogenic, or cancer causing. Many Healthier Vapour customers report feeling better physically after switching to electronic smoking. All the liquids are Irish and there are no additives or chemicals.

Smoking is increasingly viewed negatively by society for a variety of reasons - the smell, the health consequences, and even the healthcare costs all combine to give traditional cigarettes a bad name. There are an increasing amount of restrictions around where you can light up, even at private parties.

E-cigarettes from Healthier Vapour provide an alternative to smoking in a cost-effective, easy way. Visit them at Elworth Court, Golden Island, Athlone; for more information call (090 ) 6472942 or email [email protected].


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