Hogan calls for public to attend water charges protest on Saturday

Local Sinn Féin councillor, Paul Hogan, is calling on everyone to attend the water charges marches organised for Longford, Mullingar, and Athlone. These are part of a series of events in the Midlands to highlight the opposition to water charges.

Speaking at a recent public meeting Cllr Hogan said: “I wish to commend the organisers of the campaign group that are working to stop water charges, it’s great to see the great support that the group is continuing to receive.

“People are already paying for water by general taxation and by other taxes such as the road tax...The introduction of water charges is therefore a stealth tax or what some people call a double tax. Sinn Féin believes that citizens should not be forced to pay twice for services they have already paid for through general taxation.”

Cllr Hogan went on to say, “Sinn Féin is centrally involved in the Right2Water campaign which is committed to abolishing domestic water charges. It is a national campaign that includes trade unions, political parties, and campaign groups. The more people that get involved in the campaign, the sooner we might see an end to these unfair charges. Sinn Féin is committed to working with others to end these charges for ordinary families throughout Ireland.

“I urge everyone join a national march on Saturday, November 1 in Longford, Mullingar, and Athlone to highlight the campaign. Everyone who opposes this charge should join with us on the march.”


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