Stop food waste and save €60 a month

Westmeath County Council is challenging Westmeath householders to reduce their food waste by a quarter under the Stop Food Waste Challenge.

Take up the challenge and be on the road to less food waste - saving as much as €60 each month.

Ruth Maxwell, environment department, who will be running the challenge explained, “We all waste food. It can’t be helped - plans change, we prepare too much, leftovers go off in the fridge, we forget about the food in the bottom of the freezer... As wasting food happens for different reasons there will be different ways for each of us to change how we do things to reduce our food waste and save ourselves money.”

The challenge will involve four to five one hour meetings which will take place over a two month period in October and November. It will involve a small group of householders working together to reduce their food waste, save money, and have some fun while doing so. The meetings will be held in the local hall, committee room - somewhere that is central to the group taking on the challenge. “Working through this challenge we hope that the group can reduce their food waste, save money and have some fun and enjoy tasty meals on the way,” Ruth added.

If you want to come together and form a group of eight-12 families then please put yourselves forward for the challenge. “The challenge is one that could be taken up by a Tidy Towns group under the Sustainable Waste and Resource Management category. In the recent Tidy Towns results this is the lowest scoring category with points received ranging from six-16 points out of a total mark of 50 points for the category,” she said.

To put yourself forward for the challenge contact Ruth Maxwell, Environment Department, Westmeath County Council on (044 ) 9332125 or email [email protected].


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