EPA urges businesses in Westmeath to get cost saving advice and protect the environment

The Environmental Protection Agency has recently launched a one-stop shop for businesses in Westmeath to help them save money while preventing waste, conserving water, and reducing their energy costs. The EPA developed these resources for the many businesses in Westmeath facing increasing energy costs and waste and water charges that are looking to reduce their overheads by adopting smarter, greener ways of doing business.

BeGreen provides access to a range of business programmes including GreenBusiness and GreenHospitality. GreenBusiness is a free business advisory service that represents an innovative approach to waste prevention and resource efficiency in Ireland. BeGreen’s expert environmental advisors will visit organisations and generate a tailored environmental efficiency action plan free of charge. The programme also provides on-line materials and analysis tools.

Keiron Phillips, manager EPA, says “BeGreen allows businesses in Westmeath to access a range of programmes, guides, and case studies that can assist them in becoming resource efficient. Everyone from manufacturers, service, and hospitality providers through to shop owners, retailers, publicans, garage operators, and farmers, can find programmes and guides that are suitable for their needs on the EPA’s new web pages.”

Mr Phillips added “The guides contain many simple low-cost tips on actions that these business owners can take to reduce costs while impacting positively on the environment. Businesses will save money by using fewer raw materials and preventing waste, conserving water, and reducing energy consumption. The great news is that all this can mean significant bottom-line cost savings.”

GreenHospitality has been a hugely successful BeGreen programme for the hospitality industry. It has been operating since 2009 and has assisted many hotels and catering businesses to reduce their resource consumption. The programme has already generated in excess of €15 million in savings for 250 participating businesses. BeGreen also provides access to REPAK, IDA, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and Enterprise Ireland schemes that can assist businesses in being more efficient in their use of resources.

Did you know:

· Printing double sided cuts your paper costs by half and is easily set up on office printers.

· By recovering their metal waste, garage owners can make money. Fixing compressor leaks can save 30 per cent of the associated energy costs.

· On average, offices needlessly spend €6,000 each year by leaving equipment on over weekends and bank holidays.

· Using night blinds on open refrigeration cabinets can save retailers significant amounts of money.

· Each kilogram of food waste costs business around €2 when you factor in purchasing, cooking, and waste management costs.

For more information on the programmes and guides visit BeGreen www.begreen.ie


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