Waiting list for ancient Chinese weight loss tea

Chá Yi Tea is flying off the shelves at Therapie Clinic locations nationwide. The 400-year-old traditional Chinese recipe has made headlines recently as a revolutionary blend of herbs and tea; rapidly becoming a global phenomenon credited with fast, effective weight loss.

Irish men and women are enjoying the benefits of an all-natural product that helps boost metabolic rate and cleanse the digestive system to maximise weight loss. Chá Yi Tea has a certificate of approval for health food made in China, stating that the Chá Yi Tea slimming tea has a proven weight loss effect.

Chá Yi Tea is a specially selected blend of herbal ingredients which can help to facilitate what scientists call ‘fat oxidation’ - burning the body’s fat reserves as fuel. This 100 per cent safe and natural Cha Yi tea is available at Therapie Clinics nationwide and is €29.95 for one or €59.95 for three.

Try Chá Yi for yourself. To order your supply and avoid the waiting list call 1890 650 750 or buy online at www.therapieclinic.com today. Special offers are available in store and online.


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