MOHH present the Signature Blow Dry - 20 minutes to frizz-free

Industry insiders say up to seven out of 10 women are not satisfied with their look and would like to have more manageable and frizz-free hair every day. The answer to the problem of unmanageable and frizzy hair is Lisse Design.

The Alfaparf Lisse Design Treatment is available at MOHH Salon and Academy on Church Street, Athlone and lasts around 10-12 weeks. They also offer the Keratin Therapy Lisse Design ‘Flexible’ – what they call the Signature Blow Dry.

This is a long-lasting keratin styling treatment which removes the frizz effect in just 20 minutes and re-moulds the hair form to the desired effect, smoothing the hair progressively and lasting up to eight weeks. The Signature Blow Dry is 100 per cent safe and formaldehyde-free, sulphate-free, salt-free, and paraben-free.

Now you can have an express service that offers you a Signature Blow Dry - whether you want smooth, wavy, or defined frizz-free curls, or even if you want to go from a curl to a more tousled and frizz-free movement. After every bespoke or Signature Blow Dry service, hair looks smoother and results are improved service by service. Hair is pristine after a smoothing treatment (such as Lisse Design ) and the hair stays in place. In just 20 minutes, you can fix the frizz. First there is a deep cleansing shampoo followed by blow-drying the hair - though not fully. The Moulding Fluid is applied and then the hair is slightly blow-dried, after which the Sealing Fluid is applied and the hair is brushed and flat ironed.

Alfaparf Signature Blow Dry is imaginative, superb, and gives you the proven results of keratin but with a whole new freedom to perfect and customise your look. Above all that, it’s incredibly affordable at MOHH.

Call MOHH at (090 ) 6475972 or (086 ) 3555596 for your appointment.



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