An invitation from Athlone Methodist Church

Welcome to the Athlone Methodist Church, which came into being as a result of visits to the town by John Wesley, a travelling preacher in the middle of the 18th century. In fact, he was so popular that people rode out to greet him as he entered Athlone.

The name Methodists came about because people observed that the followers of John Wesley were organised in their prayer and worship. Methodism did not come about because John Wesley felt a need to reform wrong beliefs. Rather, his mission was to bring home to the hearts of the people the truths of the Gospel message. The Bible, for Methodists, reveals the nature of God and his love for mankind.

The Methodist Church takes its place in the worldwide church and shares core beliefs passed down from the time of the apostles. They believe in the Trinity, the Incarnation of Christ, and all the other doctrines of the church.

The current church, built in 1865, is situated in the heart of Athone in Northgate Street. There is seating for around 120 people and the vestry can accommodate about a dozen children for fully supervised activities on Sundays.

Their membership was steady until the 1980s, when attendance dropped off due to emigration. With the onset of international companies coming to Athlone, they received a boost with many nationalities now attending the church, and it continues to grow.

The Athlone church offers spiritual help, friendship, and support and they cherish everyone who comes to their services. Their aim is to be a growing, living, and welcoming Christ-centred congregation, led by the Holy Spirit.

Methodists are known for their love of song and Sundays are always lively occasions in the church, so if your life needs a perk and you have been looking for something to fill that empty void, give them a try.

Weekly services are every Sunday at 10am in the church at Northgate Street. Their service is open to all and usually lasts about one hour, with activities for children and tea, coffee, and refreshments afterwards.

Céad míle fáilte - a hundred thousand welcomes!


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