False golfer gets hole count wrong and goes bust on 21

A man who claimed a golf club used to threaten a woman was just for pitch and putt, was found out when he said the course contained “21 holes”.

Stephen O’Reilly (24 ), with addresses in Sarsfield Square, and Beechpark West, Athlone, appeared in the District Court this week (June 11 ) from custody to face this charge after being jailed for six months for assault on May 7.

Inspector Nicholas Farrell told the court how O’Reilly had been a passenger in a car in Battery Heights on New Year’s Eve when he saw a named woman come out of a nearby house.

“Judge, he shouted at the woman: ‘When you see Olly [West] tell him Stephen Reilly’ll kill him’,” said the inspector.

“He then took out the golf club and starting swinging it, and ran towards her shouting: ‘I’ll f***in’ kill ye’. [The named woman] ran back into the house and Stephen O’Reilly left,” he added.

“This is a serious charge. It carries a five-year sentence in the Circuit Court if convicted,” pointed out Judge Seamus Hughes.

Defending, Mr Tony McLynn told the court that his client was pleading guilty to possession of an offensive weapon, but denied he used it to threaten the woman.

At this point O’Reilly interjected, and claimed his car had been damaged earlier that day by the Wests.

Judge Hughes then asked what he had the club in the car for, and a smirking O’Reilly claimed it was for pitch and putt.

Humouring him for a moment, the judge asked him where he played and how much it cost.

“It’s €15 a go, out in Baylough, but only once a month. It’s a treat,” the defendant continued.

“How many holes?” asked the judge.

“21,” chanced O’Reilly.

“You’re smiling up at me. You were out of prison three weeks [when this offence was committed]. Don’t be telling me a pack of lies,” snapped the judge.

Quickly Mr McLynn interjected, and reminded the judge that on O’Reilly’s last appearance he had promised he would backdate the sentence for this if the defendant pleaded guilty.

Judge Hughes noted this on his sheets, and sentenced O’Reilly to two months in jail, and ordered it run concurrently with his present sentence.

“I won’t add to your sentence,” said the judge.

“Nice one,” said O’Reilly as he was led back to serve his sentence.


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