Dealing with nappy rash

Nappy rash is a spotty, red inflammation of the baby’s bottom which is painful and itchy. In mild nappy rash, there will be a pink rash, usually made up of small spots, or blotches. Symptoms of severe nappy rash include pain, bright red spots, dry, cracked and broken skin, swelling, ulcers, and blisters on the skin. In severe cases, the rash will cover more than 10 per cent of the nappy area, and may spread down the legs, or up to the tummy. General advice includes:

Leaving nappy off for as long as possible

Avoiding soaps when cleaning baby’s skin - only use water

Drying baby’s bottom by patting (not rubbing ) with a towel

Applying a barrier cream every time you change a nappy

Changing baby’s nappy frequently

Considering changing the type of nappy used

Not using tight-fitting plastic pants over nappies

Not using powders (eg talcum powder ) when changing nappies

Whelehans Happy in your Nappy Soothing Skin Cream has been developed to protect and moisturise baby’s skin. It is based on the skin protector zinc oxide and the natural emollient castor oil. Their traditional formula soothes and moisturises sensitive skin

How it can benefit your baby’s skin?

Helps protect your baby’s skin

Acts as a skin barrier

Soothes skin

Leaves your baby’s skin soft and smooth

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