Times have changed… but 6x7 is still 42

A study published in England concluded that pupils without instant recall of multiplication tables struggle in maths. According to Ofsted’s education director: ”It is really important that children have the tools of arithmetic at their finger tips. Without that it is like sending a plumber out to do a job without knowing how to use a spanner.”

Knowing the times tables fluently is the crucial foundation to almost all of the more complex mathematical skills - fractions, decimals, and percentages in primary school and leading onto algebra and probability in second level. Although multiplication tables form part of the Irish national curriculum, some schools have been more rigorous than others at teaching them. Recent studies indicate that students might perform at higher levels and enjoy solving more cenomplex maths if they are fluent in these basic maths facts.

At First Class Learning Galway, they insist that all students know their times tables. This way they have the assurance, fluency, and confidence to move on to and embrace the more complex topics of fractions and algebra.

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