McFadden encourages people to avail of Better Energy schemes

Deputy Nicky McFadden has welcomed the announcement that 250,000 homes have been upgraded in Ireland through the highly successful Better Energy schemes. Free home energy upgrades have been completed in 100,000 homes through Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme. A further 150,000 homeowners have availed of the popular Better Energy Homes grants for insulation and heating upgrades.

“Retrofitting 250,000 out of 1.6m permanently occupied homes represents huge progress. But it also shows how much scope there is for the scheme to continue to grow. I very much encourage people who are living in poorly insulated and energy inefficient homes that have not availed of this scheme to seriously consider doing so. It makes sense to get financial assistance to make your home more energy efficient and to reduce energy bills for your home,” Deputy McFadden said.

“I am hugely encouraged that this milestone has been reached, especially considering the economic difficulties the country has faced. I am also glad that, despite the constrained national finances, the Government has continued to invest in this scheme. It has continued to support the Better Energy schemes because they represent a good investment which will save us all money in the long run.”

“We need to lessen our dependency on fossil fuels and this scheme will help us to achieve that by reducing the amount of oil- and gas-fired central heating we use. Ultimately this is about people saving significantly on the amount of money they are spending on fuel,” Deputy McFadden said.


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